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Set-up Options for your Cellar

This set-up has one of our CellarMix Panels.

CellarMix Diagram

  • CellarMix Panel

    CellarMix Gas Mixing Panel

    CellarMix Panel

    The CellarMix Panel is perfect for Beer and Beverage dispense, as it is tailored specifically to the Beer Dispense Code of Practice. A key part of this is related to the pressure safety relief systems. We use pressure relief valves rated to 45psi for CO2 and 55psi for N2, Mixed Gas and Air.

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  • Primary Regulators

    Primary regulators regulate the pressure from the cylinders to the gas mixing panel.

  • Pure Gas Cylinders

    You will need a cylinder of pure CO2 and a cylinder of pure Nitrogen to supply the gas mixing panel. This is the most cost-effective way of using gas cylinders.

  • Beer Pumps

    Beer pumps can be run on compressed air to help get the beer to the taps. They can be used for keg or cask.

    Running them on compressed air is much more cost-effective than using precious generated Nitrogen.

  • Air Compressor

    Obviously an air compressor compresses the air to create pressure, which in this case, is used to run the beer pumps.

  • Secondary Regulators

    Secondary regulators regulate the pressure from the gas mixing panel to the keg. This is to make sure there isn’t too much pressure going into the keg. The gas is put into the keg to push the beer out and up to the taps. Mixed gas is used so that the beer isn’t over or under carbonated, which can cause the beer to fob or be flat.

This option has our CellarMix Panel and a Nitrogen Generator.

CellarMix & Flairmo

  • Flairmo N2 Generator

    N2 Generator

    N2 Generator

    Reduce your reliance on cylinder gases by generating your own nitrogen in the cellar.

    • Rugged Stainless-Steel Cabinet
    • Oil Free Compressor
    • Integrated long-life oil-free compressor
    • Wall or Floor Mounted
    • 98% Pure Nitrogen @ 20 °C

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  • Pure CO2 Gas Cylinder

    You will need a cylinder of pure CO2 to supply the gas mixing panel.

This option includes our GasHub unit that is a gas mixer and nitrogen generator in one.

GasHub Diagram

  • GasHub

    GasHub N2 Generator & Gas Mixer


    Starting from a clean sheet of paper, and armed with 30 years of experience supplying the pub cellar industry, the Beverage Systems GasHub range of products looks to provide a complete beverage dispense solution in a single box.

    The GasHub incorporates a Nitrogen Generator, a Gas Mixing System and a source of compressed air to drive beer pumps.

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  • Pure CO2 Gas Cylinder

    The GasHub only needs to be supplied with pure CO2, so you will need a cylinder of this.